Traffic lights and intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

The needs and requirements of intelligent transportation services are always growing. Our staff’s extensive experience in domestic and international intelligent transport solutions has formed the foundation from which we find the best solutions — whether brand new or tried-and-true — for our customers. Together with our comprehensive international and domestic network, we offer solutions for even the most demanding applications.

The core business of Normivalaistus is the implementation and maintenance of lighting, traffic lights, telematics (ITS), traffic measurement and information systems. In addition, we offer services related to the sale, maintenance and upkeep of intelligent roadside equipment. Our operations range from subsystem design and integration to turnkey solutions.

We cover the following areas:

  • Equipment and associated software for urban transport control and monitoring
    • La Semaforica traffic light systems and software
    • Adaptive controls
    • Traffic priority systems
    • Development projects
    • Hardware and software integrations into existing systems
    • Construction, programming and commissioning
  • Roadside equipment for tunnels and public roads, as well as control and monitoring systems
    • Electricity distribution and telecommunications networks
    • Traffic and lighting control and monitoring
    • Traffic measurement systems and equipment
    • Variable message signs (VMS)
    • CCTV systems
    • Toll road systems
    • WIM solutions
    • Automatic incident detection systems
    • Automatic section speed control