Normivalaistus Ltd

The core business of Normivalaistus — in addition to road and street lighting — is the construction, design and maintenance of traffic lights, telematics, ITS, traffic measurement and information systems and electrical grids. Our operations also cover project management and supervisory tasks in challenging infrastructure projects.

We have successfully carried out many local and nationally significant infrastructure projects. Our customers include public authorities, municipalities and ELY-Centres (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), as well as major developers in the infrastructure field. We offer various procurement models, for example Design and Build and Turnkey contracts. Our business is Finnish independent Certification Board RALA-certified.

We’re prepared to meet demanding challenges and deliver solutions — from individual devices to comprehensive lighting, telematic, IoT and ITS turnkey projects. Together with our wide domestic and international network, we will find the best solutions for our customers.

On principle, Normivalaistus is committed to implementing solutions that improve traffic safety and flow — thereby reducing transport emissions.